Pawnee Hills HOA

Pawnee Hills Community Association

Covenant Committee

April 24 2018

The documents below are the FINAL versions of the Declaration of Protective Covenants and the Bylaws that will be voted on. 


Final Document of the Declaration of Protective Covenants
Final Document of the Bylaws

September  14 2017

The Covenants Committee has completed the updates/corrections to all of our governing documents, and these drafts are available for your review in the links below.  These drafts will be submitted to our attorneys, Hindman & Sanchez, to be reviewed and written into a final draft for the community vote, hopefully at our January 2018 HOA Meeting.


Rules & Regulations -- Numbered Listing
DRAFT R&R #0 -- Adoption of Policies (2017 Revised)
DRAFT R&R #1 -- Covenant Enforcement (2017 Revised)
DRAFT R&R #2 -- Alternative Dispute Resolution (NO Revisions)
DRAFT R&R #3 -- Board Member Conflict Of Interest (2017 Revised)
DRAFT R&R #4 -- Inspection and Copying of Association Records (2017 Revised)
DRAFT R&R #5 -- Commercial Activity (2017 Revised)
DRAFT R&R #6 -- Reserve Study (2017 Revised)
DRAFT R&R #7 -- Investment of Reserve Policy (2017 Revised)
DRAFT R&R #8 -- Collection of Unpaid Assessments (2017 Revised)
DRAFT R&R #9 -- Possible Payment Plan For Delinquent Accounts (2017 Revised)
DRAFT R&R #10 -- Use of Marijuana On Any Property Owned By The Association (2017 Revised)
DRAFT R&R #11 -- Architectural Review Standards and Procedures (2017 Revised)
DRAFT R&R #12 -- Conduct of Meetings (2017 Revised)

2006 Covenant Committee Homeowner Survey Results

Questions, tabulation of results and comments from the 2006 Homeowners survey